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 ParriaH is the brainchild of  artist, musician, and Bay Area native Mike Marin who fell into graphic design by necessity as the band needed a logo & album art on completion of their debut album Everything’s Breathing. Marin wanted to take the album art a step further and thought “Why create just an album cover, but rather create art work for each song?" And, what if while streaming the album, each time a song changes, so does the album art? So Marin decided to make a visual soundtrack to ParriaH’s music using graphics to express the nuances of each song  through visual stimulation. ParriaH is primarily a studio band consisting of Marin, and his creative partner, singer, drummer, and engineer Darrin Zeune. Over the course of 4 plus years, the two set out to recorded a collection of music stemming from both of their former musical careers in various bands. Although both musicians influences come from 70’s & 80’s hard rock, metal, and psychedelic acts like Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, The Cure, & Marillion, ParriaH can easily be compared to the likes of Alice In Chains, STP,  and the Verve while still maintaining a sabbath-esque stock. Their sound blends powerful, well crafted riffs, with power pop psychedelic bliss whilst also skimming the waters of r&b, pop and progressive style musIc. ParriaH's music is built solely on integrity that has long been forgotten about in modern music today and their nod to the old school style of songwriting is definitely part of their charm.They are also not afraid to wear their hearts, and influences on their sleeves.


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