SIGHT&SOUNDCD.COM is extremely excited to Introduce a new clothing line concept called ParriaHDesign, or what we like to call ParriaHWear! Our first edition of Fall Fashion is COMING SOON!. All clothing is made right here in the USA! The name stems from our proprietors band,  and music project ParriaH and their music & style is shown in the apparel. In fact, we are currently working on a clothing line designed specifically for the working, active musician called the PD Signature series of rockin' casual stage wear! You can learn all about our clothing line, and keep up to date with what we are up to when you sign up for our newsletter. When you do, you will automatically receive a 15% off on your next purchase. Needless to say, there is a lot happening at SIGHT&SOUNDCD.COM so don't miss out on being apart of the new and exciting  fashion & music movement taking place Right HERE! RIGHT NOW!