Customize Your World!


SIGHT&SOUNDCD.COM offers trendy clothing, custom silk screening,  brand design, and the music of art rockers ParriaH. Our friendly, one on one customer service specializes in providing a unique experience to handle ALL your design needs such as logos, banners, stickers, brochures, cover art for your next bestseller, or even your Grammy-winning album! We can also transpose your logo, design, or any photo to create stickers to place on skateboards, laptops, or create a custom backpack, mouse pad, or  accessory you'd like to customize. LET US Customize Your Life!


The idea for Sight & Sound Custom Design came completely by accident. While in the final stages of post production for our music project, ParriaH, I realized that we didn't have a logo or an art concept for the album.

As many of us do, I downloaded the most basic, pedestrian app imaginable to create a logo. Little did I know it would awaken a designing beast within me and spawn a new career path while falling in love with the entire design process.

Over the span of a few months, I literally could NOT put my cell phone down as I was deeply caught up in my new discovery of photo manipulation and digital imagery. If you can imagine designing on a phone the size of an iPhone 5 and the challenges designing on such a small phone brought along!

Nevertheless, I discovered the powers of photo manipulation through layering and color enhancement. That was enough to decide that graphic design would become my new career path, and lo and behold: Sight & Sound Custom Design was born.

The idea of bringing someone else’s concepts to life was very exciting and rewarding to me, especially going through a collaborative process with the customer that most cookie-cutter apps don't offer.


I'm a hands-on designer who feels that collaborating with you, the client, can create something original, unique, and special that's all your own.

I look forward to our collaboration together to solve  your designing needs. Please contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have

Mike Marin

Sight & Sound Custom Design