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Collection: The ParriaH Merchtable: Album & Digital Downloads, Band T-Shirts, Hats, and More!

Thanks for stopping by The ParriaH Merchtable! As you can see, we have plenty of ParriaHwear and shwag to choose from! You’ve heard the sound bites, NOW take the first step to joining the ParriaHnormal and download the album. We've also assembled some gig bags for you to take advantage of.The gig bags consist of your choice of the album (digital or CDR),a ParriaH band t-shirt, wall poster, and sticker for your board or laptop. Choose from an array of hats that fit all heads and seasons. The ParriaH Merchtable is the perfect way to  show your support for the self acclaimed "band out of nowhere", and to start a new movement ,and trend.Tell your friends and loved ones about the ParriaH Merchtable and while you are here, sign up for our newsletter where you can get first dibs on special offers, new releases, singles, and discounts before the public does. Lastly, look for our blog and also visit our FaceBook, Instagram, and Twitter page, and  If anyone retweets, likes, or shares our posts on our social media pages will receive a free sticker and 15% off their next purchase! Thanks for stopping by the ParriaH Merchtable. You rock it well. 

 -The Merch Staff