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ParriaH is the brainchild of graphic designer, artist, and Bay Area native Mike Marin who fell into graphic design as the band needed a logo & album art on completion of their debut album Everything’s Breathing. Marin wanted to take the album art a step further and thought “Why create just an album cover , but rather create art for each song, and while if, while streaming the record, each time a song changes, so will the album art.” So Marin decided to make s visual soundtrack to ParriaH’s music , using grahics to express the music & vibe through visual stimulation. ParriaH is primarily a studio band consisting of Marin, and his creative partner, singer, drummer, and engineer Darrin Zeune Over the span of 5 years,the two recorded a collection of music stemming from both of their former musical careers in various bands. Although both musicians influences come from 70’s & 80’s hard rock, metal, and psychadelic acts like Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, The Cure, & Marillion, ParriaH can easily be compared to the likes of Alice In Chains, STP, the Verve, while maintaining a sabbath-esque stock blending powerful, well crafted riffs, with power pop psychadelic bliss , who also skim the waters of r&b, and progressive style musIc. They also bring much needed fresh To the sometimes stuffy musical climate by nodding to the old school songwriting integrity , and certainly are not afraid to wear their hearts, and influences on their sleeves,