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Collection: Everything's Breathing: Digital Download - Music - ParriaH

The Debut and long anticipated album from self acclaimed “ band out f nowhere” ParriaH from Northern California .ParriaH’s Music is heavy, and melodic , blending well crafted , sonically charged riffs with power pop psychadelic bliss. Parriah’s stock is hard rock , yet they skim the waters of progressive, pop, and progressive giving them a sound that’s hard to define ,thus making it difficult t pin them down to one genre. Even though their influences stem from 70’s and 80’s hard rock, pyschadelic, progressive and  alternative bands like Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden , Marillion , and the Cure, their sound can easily be compared to the likes of Alice In Chains, The Verve, Stone Temple Pilots , and  Blur. Even though  Everything’s Breathing was released independently, they deliver a diverse, and unique first full length effort with enough chops to sound like a well seasoned, major label act. Even though ParriaH tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves, it’s certainly part of their charm and poise for a new up and coming band to leave a mark and turn some heads.

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