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We proudly offer quality, American made T-shirts, Hats, Accessories and Design by partnering with only the best and reputable P.O.D. companies here in the U.S. and locally with artwork generated and inspired by the music of ParriaH. You can also contact us and send any design or image that you dig to slap on a "T" or accessory of your choice!! Customize your world with a click! 

ParriaH- the band, the myth, the legend in their own minds

ParriaH’s music is heavy and melodic blending sonically, well crafted riffs with power pop melodies and psychedelic bliss. Their debut album which is available exclusively here for download is diverse and shows they proudly wear their influences on their sleeve. 

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Graphic Art & Design

We also provide graphic art services where we can design a layout or logo for your band, book, business, album cover or hobby. Choose from one of these bundles below, or click the contact us tab for a free consultation.

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